Technology Partnership

We at OWS are extremely proud of our technology partnerships that keep us at the forefront in the market, enabling us to offer diverse solutions to the industry.

Cansco Production Services - BBS Solid Separation System -

  • An Innovative Sand Separation Solutions enabling oil and gas producers to eliminate the challenges associated with downstream erosion of equipment. The BBS™ Sand Separator System is uniquely designed to capture the maximum sand and solids recovery during well production operations, and during flow back and long term well testing operations, with up to 99.5% solids recovery consistently delivered in past operational installations.

eDrilling - AI/ML Drilling Optimization Software -

  • A world leading supplier of AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics solutions to the oil and gas industry
  • For hazard prevention, avoidance of NPT, performance optimization and reduction of carbon emissions
  • Accurate dynamic real0time simulation, model-based reasoning in AL, and digital twinning
  • wellPlanner, wellAhead, 3D Vizualization, wellSim, wellBalance
  • 100% success rate on 250+ digital twins with 6500 users and counting

Guided Ultrasonics LTD (GUL) - Corrosion and Erosion Detection & Monitoring -

  • Guided Wave Testing (GWT) is a relatively new non-destructive testing (NDT) method, which has been pioneered by GUL since its incorporation and the company has led the way in setting the standard for pipeline inspection and monitoring globally. GUL is committed to continuous improvement to meet the needs and expectations of our clients as well as the wider industry.
  • For inspection, using guided waves, long lengths of pipes can be remotely inspected for many different types of defects. One hundred percent inspection allow an on-site inspector to quickly locate critical areas of pipework and perform any follow-up investigations that are necessary to provide the required inspection information.
  • For monitoring, permanently installed gPIMS® sensors allow critical sections of pipelines to be regularly and efficiently monitored. Regular data collection from fixed positions greatly enhances the power of guided waves.

PVDLogging - Mud-Logging Services -

  • Provides a wide range of mudlogging services: monitoring drilling parameters, detection and interpretation of hydrocarbon, formation evaluation, log processing and interpretation, data management, and geo-pressure prediction
  • Provides high end optional services such as cutting flow meter, early kick detection, XRD/XRF, RTIL, GeoPressure, GeoMechanis, and GeoSteering

Unitywell - Well Integrity Solutions -

  • Unity is leading provider of well integrity solutions to the global upstream oil and gas industry.
  • We are experts in ensuring asset longevity, drawing on an extensive technology portfolio and the skills of our talented team. We can answer the most demanding of integrity challenges and if we don’t have an existing solution to meet your needs then we’ll develop something new. Our services and technology are designed to reduce the total operational footprint around any project, minimizing personnel, travel, time, risk and cost. We reuse our clients’ existing equipment and materials wherever possible and repurpose our stock, minimizing manufacturing requirements and unnecessary disposal. All our products and services are designed to improve performance and lower costs. We deliver quickly, efficiently and to the highest quality every time.

Xsens - Clamp-On Flow & Fraction Meter -

  • Intelligence clamped on flow and fraction meter for accurate measurement of liquid, water cut, gas and wet gas by using new innovative ultrasonic technology.
  • Provides accurate and robust equal or better than in-line flow meters whilst installation on the outside of standard process piping.
  • No leakage, easy to install, low weight, low cost but able to measure a full velocity profile similar to inline ultrasonic meters.

BlueSpark - Wireline Applied Stimulation Pulsing (WASP) -

  • Unique wireline-deployed tool (EWL, Tractor or e-Coil) for generating shockwaves in the well-bore (vertical or horizontal) for producers, injectors and wellbore integrity. A similar principle using a small electrical charge to create a powerful hydraulic impulse right at the source of the problem, clearing the wellbore
  • WASP Application: extending the lift of marginal oil wells, reducing skin in new completions, descaling of completion equipment, injector wells, and gravel pack completions
  • WASP Benefits: Cost effective, efficient, safe, green, and proven

CLS - Total Chloride/Sulfur/Mercury Removal Systems with Absorbent Technology -

  • Our innovative leading-edge absorbent technology is applied within engineered solutions, enabling oil refiners to achieve species specific trace contaminant removal. We are the only fully vertically-integrated absorbent manufacturer in the U.S
  • Designed and installed HCl, RCl, H2S, R-SH and Hg removal systems in over 600 reactor cycles worldwide with results in a measurable value for our clients in the form of decreased corrosion, lower maintenance costs, and better more reliable downstream operation.

Hextar - Oilfield Chemicals -

  • A company with R&D capability and manufacturing facilities to supply proprietary oilfield chemicals to local and international markets.
  • NanoEmulsion Technology for enhance oil recovery, wellbore cleanup, pipeline cleaning, storage tank cleaning, gas dehydration units, etc.
  • Benefits: Ultralow IFT, stable at high temperature, provide water-wet surfaces, compatible with brine, formation water and fresh water, neutral pH, and inhibit scale formation.

Iconic - Acoustic Monitoring for Well Intervention, Workover and Abandonment -

  • Iconic Digital Transponder (iDT) system, brings cross-barrier monitoring and tool activation acoustically without impacting the barrier integrity and having the ability to monitor and control beyond barriers; wireless and in real-time.

Superior Performance Design (SPD) - Well Engineering and Subsurface Consultancy -

  • SPD provides a range of specialist engineering services to the energy industry, having in-house expertise to manage all aspects from concept through to execution, and all decisions are based on technical merit and cost-efficiency, delivering projects to the highest standards.
  • Services available: Well Examination, Subsurface Engineering, Consultancy & Manpower, Well Abandonment, Project Management, Well Engineering Design, Due diligence, Well Engineering Studies, Well Management Systems/Documentation, Geothermal, Well Integrity, Risk Management & HSE, Peer Review, and Expert Witness.

Black Mamba - Rod Lift -

  • Black Mamba supply patent-protected oilfield equipment related to sucker rods, sucker rod guides, sucker rod centralizers, and sucker rod protection, without limits or compromise.
  • The Black Mamba also provides an industry first – end-to-end sucker rod control for the prevention of sucker rod buckling. This alleviates pre-mature sucker rod fatigue, extending rod life, up-time, and providing unmatched reliability in the sucker rod string.

Dynamic Well Control Inc. - Well Control Services -

  • DWC’s focus and vision is to fill these gaps left out by legacy service companies by providing a fully integrated Incident Management and Emergency Response company for the Oil & Gas Industry. We provide a professional service with a vast history of experience and technical expertise to help identify and mitigate risks that are present during our on-going search for hydrocarbons..
  • The DWC Industry Specialists who are qualified and experienced in preventative, risk management, response and recovery activities can be categorized into their fields of expertise, including Crisis Management, Emergency Response, Well Control, Industrial Firefighting, Project Management and Risk Management/HSE.